How to Mask The Scent Of A Dog In Heat (14 Simple Ways) (2023)

The smell of a female dog on heat goes a long way. It’s always important to mask the choking scent for your own safety!

Every unneutered male dog in the neighborhood will most likely visit, and even the male dog you own may also be at risk of dogfights.

The perfect way to avoid something like this is to reduce the scent your female dog gives off.

You’ll never be able to completely mask the scent, due to the fact the pheromones in the scent can be detected by the vomeronasal organ in make dogs for several miles.

Nevertheless, you can be able to reduce its potency and tricks the visitors into believing the female dog is not in the vicinity.

Here are 14 ways to mask the smell of dog in heat:

1. Bathing

How to Mask The Scent Of A Dog In Heat (14 Simple Ways) (1)

A female dog in heat has a discharge which is bloody and can become a little bit messy.

The discharge pours quite freely, and the smell of the discharge sticks to the dog’s legs, underbelly, and also her facial hair the moment she tries to clean herself.

The way to reduce the scent is to make sure she is clean through consistent bathing.

Wash her two times a day by making use of mild shampoo specially made for dogs, and make sure you rinse the dog well to prevent skin irritation.

Include a little bit of apple cider vinegar into the last rinse water — it’s very amazing for her coat and skin,and will also assist in masking any smells.

2. Clean House

Making sure your house is as clean as it can be is going to help in keeping the smell from accumulating up to a scent which attracts other dogs.

The moment you discover that your dog is already in heat, thoroughly clean the house but making use of vinegar or bleach on the cleaning water for every hard surface, and carpet shampoo is adequate to reduce pet odors.

Be sure to clean her bedding also, because any dried droplets will leave a smell that is lasting in the room, bed, and dog.

3. Consider spraying your dog

You are strongly recommended to spray your dog if you’re not planning to breed her.

Even though some people may think that it is not natural to spray; you should know that not letting her mate anytime she wants also is not natural, nor is leaving the dog at home.

There are several advantages to spraying your emailed dog. The most necessary ones are behavior changes and a reduced risk of mammary tumors.

4. Coverings

Several fitted pants are commercially available for dogs to put on, either during their heat or for incontinence.

These pants are washable and can also be used with any sanitary napkin that is self-adhesive, or cotton pads for dogs that are tiny.

You can alternatively wear a diaper for your dog throughout the period of her heat, to prevent her from leaving droplets of the discharge anywhere she goes.

Some products may even come with deodorizing agents to help in reducing the odor.

5. Hide the trail back home from male dogs

If you’re walking outside with your dog who is on heat, it’s a wise idea do clear off the trail which will lead back home.

The best way you can achieve his is to just put your dog in a car and drive it to the place you want to have a walk.

By doing this, male dogs would not trace these trails to your house.

6. Chlorophyll

Including a little quantity of liquid chlorophyll into the drinking water of your dog daily will also help to mask the odor in her urine, this is stated by a professional Great Dane breeder, Linda Arndt.

Chlorophyll is generally used to reduce odors and clean the internal system of dogs, and the dosage should be based on the dog’s size.

It can also be used to make the dog’s breath fresh, and most dogs readily accept it.

7. Topical Products

Several breeders recommend little touched of eucalyptus, camphor, or wintergreen on the coat of the dog and around the area of the dog’s tail.

Several products contain quantities of these substances in the base of petroleum jelly and have a strong scent.

This product may be a little bit toxic when ingested, nevertheless, you are required to put it in places where the dogs cannot be able to reach to lick it away.

8. Never let your dog out in the yard alone

Guarding your dog against unwanted pregnancy and male dogs is the most necessary thing you should do on your dog when she is on heat.

It does not matter if or not you plan to breed your dog at this period.

When your dog is is on heat, you will be tempted to let her go to the yard and just keep watching her through the window, most especially if it is cold outside.

Nevertheless, this technique would not work if your dog jumps over the fence or if a male dog suddenly appears nearby.

When your dog is on heat, go out to the yard with her. You should consider using a leash, though this depends on her activity.

9. No off-leash walks

Even with common misconceptions, a female dog who is in heat actually needs a walk and can be walked.

Nevertheless, there are some necessary precautions; the most important is to always walk your dog on a leash.

Though this has been said in some points stated, there are still more things you need to know in this.

Even though your dog is extremely well trained, you should “never” walk your dog without her being on a leash when she is on heat. Natural instincts are way stronger than any obedience training.

10. A balance between rest and exercise

Several dogs have different reactions to heat.

Most dogs tend to be restless when they’re on heat, and dog owners take measures which included exercise to calm her down, although some dogs feel tired all day when they’re on heat.

Observing the behavior of your dog and picking the perfect amount of exercise (running, walking, playing, etc.), and rest is necessary to keep your dog comfortable.

If your dog needs to sleep, you should grant her this wish of hers, but if she is restless, you can look for things that will calm her down.

11. Extra attention

When your dog is on heat, there are not just physical changes, but also mental changes.

If you want to make sure that your dogs are in a comfortable position when in heat, you’ll need to pay more attention to her than you usually do.

Talking to her, brushing, playing, or going for a walk with her are just some examples.

Give her that available extra time when she is on heat, and she will feel more confident and calmer.

12. No dog show or training

You should always avoid any event in which some other dogs will be involved.

The scent of a female dog in heat is very annoying to male dogs, and it will always distract them from finishing their tasks in the event.

Several male dog owners become very angry (it’s very reasonable to be in this situation) if any individual disrespects this “law,” and go to a dog’s show with a female dog in heat.

You can actually ask the event organizers if you can get a refund if your dog suddenly comes on heat almost before the event.

Serious event organizers give a partial or full refund if a dog becomes ill or comes into heat.

13. Leave toys or chews

If you’re going away or need to leave your dog to be on its own for some time, you can leave her inside with chews or toys.

Put these toys and chews away the moment you return home in order to retain her interest in them till the next time.

This’ll help to drive her restless imaginations away, and make her busy when you’re not available.

14. Consult a veterinarian

Eventhough it is not actually an illness to be in heat, and it should not betreated as one, it is quite okay to have a conversation with your vet as theymay help if any unexpected trouble happens.

You may not necessarily do all that is stated above when your dog is in heat.


Dogs are different when it comes to attraction to males, restlessness, symptom strength, activity, etc.

Nevertheless, the more you take advantages of the ideas stated above, the more comfortable and calm you and your dog would feel.

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